Time Line

October 9th 1855: Mary and Giles (George's Parents) are purchased by a man Named Moses Carver for 700 dollars from a man named William P. McGinnis

July 12 1865: George Washington Carver is born under slavery in Diamond, Missouri

1890: First black student at Simpson College

1890: At Simpson, George studies art and piano

1891: George transferred to Iowa State College to be their first black student

1894: First black member of Iowa state college's faculty

1886: George travels to Ness County, Kansas with a man named J.F Beeler

1888: A loan of 3000 dollars is obtained by George at the Bank Of Ness County

1896: George graduates from Iowa state

1896: Carver is invited to be the leader of the Agriculture department at Tuskegee Institute

1896: Carver designs the Jesup wagon to educate southern farmers

1923: Carver recieves the spingarn medal from the NAACP

1933-35: George continues to work on a peanut oil massage to cure polio

1937: Carvers health declines

1937: George meets Henry Ford and they become dear friends

1941: Henry Ford builds an elevator for George because George's doctor told him not to climb the stairs required to get into his apartment

1939: Carver receives the Roosevelt medal for amazing devotion to the agriculture of the south

1941: The museum named the George Washington Carver museum was dedicated at the Tuskegee Institute

1942: Henry and George deny working together on a solution to the shortage of rubber during WWI

January 5th 1943: George passes away